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Describing Everyday Activities

(for 4-year-olds)

Our study is currently running online via Zoom! By clicking ‘Sign Up Here’ below, you can sign up and book a time that works best for your schedule. 

During your study appointment, we will be talking with you and your child on video chat. We will ask your child to watch short videos of simple everyday activities, and then ask them to tell you what happened in the video. Languages of the world use different linguistic (grammatical, lexical) ways to describe actions and activities. In this study we want to know how this process works for English-speaking children. For this reason, to participate in this study, your child needs to be exposed to English regularly (at least 75% of the time).

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Why participate in Research?

It’s never too early to discover the wonders of language and science!  From your own home, you and your child can contribute to research through an activity that is designed to be fun.

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